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Compiled by:
Rabbi Avrohom Richter

No. 269
Parshas Bereishis
Tishrei 28, 5760  * October 8, 1999

Living with Moshiach

It says in this week's Torah portion "And the land was empty...and the spirit of G-d floated above the water." The Medrash explains that "the spirit of G-d" alludes to the spirit of Moshiach. The Lubavitcher Rebbe, Melech HaMoshiach Shlita explains (see Achrei 5746) that this teaches us a lesson in regard to our belief in Moshiach. There are two stages in the redemption. The first will not be a supernatural stage, rather the Jewish people will not be under the rule of other nations, allowing them to serve G-d in the right manner. However, the second stage will be a supernatural one, in which the dead will experience resurrection etc.

The Torah here speaks of Moshiach in the supernatural stage, thus telling us that we must not only await the first stage of redemption, but we must await even the second stage. If in the times when the Torah was given the second stage of redemption was awaited for and longed for, how much more so in our times, we must await and demand the completion of Moshiach's arrival. May this take place immediately.

Moshiach Facts

The Rambam explains that Moshiach is from the house of Dovid, and from the children of Shlomo. The Rebbe MHM, explains (see Emor 5751) that it is understood why the Rambam states that Moshiach will be coming "From the house of Dovid", for the Jewish Kingdom is from the house of Dovid. However, why does he say that Moshiach is from the children of Shlomo?

The answer is that Dovid fought many wars, and thus had blood on his hands. However, in the days of Shlomo there was much peace, almost an utopia. Therefore, Shlomo was called by his name coming from the Hebrew word "Shalom" i.e. peace. This was a beginning and a preparation to the days of Moshiach when there will be true peace. Thus we see the greatness of Moshiach. He will be a King like Dovid, and have peace like Shlomo, but on a much higher level.

Watching Over His Flock

Of Course The Rebbe Sent You

A group of Chabad Yeshivah Bochurim, as well as Baal Habatim [married men] went on Shlichus to Mexico City for Sukkos. On the second day of Yom Tov they visited the hospitals, to enable the sick to fulfill the Mitzvah of Lulav.

Upon visiting one floor, they noticed a Mezuzah hanging near the door, with a piece of tape. They entered the room, and were surprised to see a picture of the Rebbe hanging on the wall. They also noticed that on the table near the bed laid a Tehilim with the Rebbe’s picture on it.

It took a few minutes for the patient to come out of the washroom, but when he did, he was asked to say the Brocho on the Lulav and Esrog, to which he agreed full heartedly. After fulfilling the Mitzvah one of the Lubavitchers explained to the sick person that it was the Lubavitcher Rebbe who sent them to him to shake Lulav. The man replied "Of course the Rebbe sent you, it is he who saved my life."

He then began to relay his story: "I came to the hospital to have a treatment done to me, in which they place acid in my mouth. However, a terrible accident occurred and I swallowed some of the acid. The doctors were immediately alarmed, such acid destroys blood cells. They explained how severe my condition actually was, telling me that what I now have could easily be compared to AIDS. I was told that I only have hours to live.

"I called a business associate of mine, to help me sign over my assets to my wife. He, however had other things in mind. He told me that he was going to write to a holy man, named the Lubavitcher Rebbe and ask for a blessing. He assured me that the Rebbe would not let me die. He gave me a picture of the Rebbe as well as a Tehilim and a Mezuzah. (When the Bochurim asked the name of the business associate, they were shocked to learn that he was a member in the community, who had very little relation to Lubavitch).

"A few hours later I felt the acid burning my insides. The pain was unbearable, and I was convinced that I was dyeing. I took hold of the picture of the Rebbe and asked the Rebbe to pray for my life. Immediately, I began to feel at ease. I felt as if this holy man was hugging me.

"The doctors note my recovery as a miracle. I am due to leave the hospital in two days. I never before heard of the Lubavitcher Rebbe, but as soon as I am totally well I am flying to New York to thank him."

Leader of the Generation
Moshiach of the Generation

Long Live The King

There must be a main addition in the concept of life, through the actions of the Nation, who declare "Yechi HaMelech" - "Long live the King". For the concept of this declaration is that the time has already arrived for the "Wake up and sing those who dwell in the earth" (resurrection) of the Rebbe my father in law, and the "Wake up and sing" of Dovid our King Moshiach.

(The Lubavitcher Rebbe MHM, Nissan, 2 5748)

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