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Compiled by:
Rabbi Avrohom Richter

No. 272
Parshat Vayeira
Cheshvan 19, 5760 * October 29, 1999

Living with Moshiach

This week's Torah portion relates that G-d appeared to Abraham after his circumcision in the heat of the day. The Lubavitcher Rebbe Melech HaMoshiach Shlita explains (Vayera 5752) that in times of Moshiach G-d will reveal himself to every single Jew. This revelation will be in a physical matter, which can cause one who is sick to be healed.

This is alluded to in the words 'in the heat of the day'. For our Sages in Tractate Nedarim state that in the future to come G-d will remove the sun from its shield and the righteous ones will be healed. Furthermore, our Sages tell us that the entire Jewish nation is considered righteous. It is therefore understood that with the revelation of Moshiach will come the revelation of G-d to the entire Jewish nation in a physical matter that can even cause one to be healed. May this revelation take place immediately.

Moshiach Facts

It is known that every word of the Torah is extremely important. So how can it be that the Torah elaborates on the fact that the Matriarch Sarah laughed when she found out that G-d promised her a son? How is it the Torah elaborates on the negativity of our Matriarchs? The Chafetz Chaim explained: It is known that we must learn from our forefathers and Matriarchs. This story is alluding to the footsteps of Moshiach. Directly before the coming of Moshiach there will be great Sages and Torah giants who will hasten the Jewish nation to prepare themselves for Moshiach. It is for this reason the Torah alluded to us that there will be those who will not be strong in faith and will laugh at the holy people. It is to them that G-d says "Is there something that I am not capable of doing?"

Sefer Chafetz Chaim

Watching Over His Flock

Keep The Faith

This past week, a Yeshiva Bochur [student] learning in 770 wrote to the Rebbe, describing his most troubling problem - the ongoing exile and all the pain that accompanies it. He expressed his feelings to the Rebbe, saying that he feels there is no one to talk to, exile just seems to continue without any signs of mercy. He added that he wish he knew what he could do to put a stop to it and bring about the redemption.

He placed his letter into the Iggros Kodesh Vol. 5 page 318. For those of our readers that have access to one, it is strongly advised that they see the letter for themselves, for the english translation does not do justice.

The letter read: ..." The reason the Jewish nation was freed from Egypt, was in the merit of the righteous women of the generation.

"One of these righteous acts was that the women, without paying attention to the hardships of exile, especially in the last years, they always had the complete faith in G-d that His promise of redemption will be fulfilled. And although they did not know when the redemption would come, and from time to time Pharaoh's decrees were increased, especially the decree that all male children were to be thrown in the sea, nonetheless, they did not lessen their belief....

It was that belief and strength, not to pay attention to common sense, for it is G-d that is the owner of the world, and no one can go against Him, that raised an entire generation....

... We must be strong in our faith in G-d that only He is the master of the world, and no one can go against Him. Even when naturally it seems otherwise. It is then that G-d will fulfill His.... Although they did not see a natural way of the redemption coming, nonetheless it did not weaken their faith.... We must hope that the same will take place in our times. Through the strong belief in G-d we will all merit the true and complete redemption through the righteous Moshiach.

Leader of the Generation
Moshiach of the Generation

Moshiach Will Thank You

Dr. Lehman passed by the Rebbe and said that he brought with him a holy book which was printed for the first time from a manuscript.

The Rebbe: I have been told that you have a lot more manuscripts. Perhaps you can have mercy on the Jewish people and publicize them also?

Dr. Lehman: We are working hard on it.

The Rebbe: For your hard work you will receive a lot of the world to come. But we have no benefit from your work as long as the holy books are not printed.

Dr. Lehman showed the Rebbe a quote from the book about Moshiach.

The Rebbe said: Try to speak about Moshiach to all those around you. The Talmud says that Moshiach will come when people are not thinking about it. My father in law [the Previous Rebbe] explained this to mean that Moshiach will transcend people's thoughts. But you must think and talk about Moshiach until he comes and then he himself will thank you.

Dr. Lehman: The Rambam rules in the laws of Kings.....

The Rebbe: That a person must "await his coming every day."

(Sivan 10, 5750)
(adapted from "And he will redeem us")

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