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Compiled by:
Rabbi Avrohom Richter

No. 273
Parshat Chayei Sarah
Cheshvan 26, 5760 * November 5, 1999

Living with Moshiach

This week's Torah portion discusses the journey of Eliezer, servant of Avrohom. The Torah relates that Eliezer's journey was one day long. It is implied from Rashi (commentary on the Torah) that the journey was supposed to take seventeen days, however G-d shortened his path and he arrived in just one.

The Lubavitcher Rebbe Melech HaMoshiach Shlita asks (See Likutei Sichos Vol. 1 Chayeh Sarah) why this miracle was needed. Why couldn't Eliezer arrive after seventeen days? The Rebbe answers as follows: Eliezer was sent to find a mate for Yitzchak. His match was Rivkah. The Medrash refers to Rivkah as a rose between thorns. This implies two things: 1) A rose needs the protection of the thorns. 2) A thorn benefits from the rose, because it makes it look beautiful. The thorns here are referring to Rivkah's (the rose's) family, who were evil people. On one hand she needed them to protect her. On the other hand they needed her to make them look good. As soon as Rivkah became of marriageable age, and no longer needed her family, Avrohom sent Eliezer to redeem her from the "thorns". Her family did not want to give her up because of the benefit they received from her. G-d wanted that she should be redeemed immediately and not have to wait even an extra day. Therefore, Eliezer miraculously arrived there in one day. The same applies to our generation. As soon as we are eligible to leave exile and unite with G-d, we will not have to wait an extra second, rather our salvation will come immediately. The Rebbe told us that we are now ready for Moshiach to come. Therefore, we do not need to wait any longer. May the redemption take place immediately.

Moshiach Facts

5760 - Resurrection Of The Dead

It is known that the measurement of a ritual bath must be the size of 5,760 eggs. The hidden reason of this precise measurement is that by the end of the year 5760 the verse in Zacharia (13,2) "And the spirit of impurity will pass from the land" will be fulfilled. The same applies to the verse "And I will rid the land of the Evil beasts," which is explained in Zohar to mean the power of impurity.

The inner meaning of this is that the resurrection of the dead is split into three stages... and the third stage, will come to be the end of the year five thousand seven hundred and sixty.

(Chessed LíAvrohom - Rabbi Avrohom Azulai)

Watching Over His Flock

Birthday Wishes

In 1967, I decided to continue my studies in the Lubavitch Yeshivah in New York so that I would be able to study near the Rebbe. I enjoyed the Yeshivah in New York very much and I was especially excited because Yeshivah students were able to have a private Yechidus with the Rebbe on their birthday or close to it.

My birthday - the 4th of Cheshvan - was always a special day to me, one of moral stocktaking, of remembering the past and of making decisions about the future, as it is the custom of Chassidim.

But this was to be my first Yechidus. I was very nervous as I waited for my turn. Finally my turn came and I went in. The procedure is as follows: You write a letter beforehand which you give to the Rebbe when you go in. After the Rebbe reads it, the Rebbe responds to the points that you included in the letter. Itís incredible to think that long-standing problems which have been going on for years, and are explained at great length in these letters, would be resolved by the Rebbe after one quick reading.

Among the things that I had written on the page, was that my birthday was on the 4th of Cheshvan, and that I was asking the Rebbe for a Brocha for the coming year.

When the Rebbe read the letter, he asked me when my birthday was. I started to shake. I wasnít expecting this type of dialogue with the Rebbe. I replied that it was the 4th of Cheshvan, but again the Rebbe asked me when it was. I thought I had spoken too softly, so I repeated in a louder tone that it was the 4th of Cheshvan

The Rebbe did not accept my answer and showed that he didnít accept this date as my birthday.

When I left the yechidus, I telegraphed my parents to send to me my birth certificate. I received it, and in verifying the date, I was stunned to discover that I had made a mistake. My birthday was not the 4th of Cheshvan but the 14th.

How could we have been so wrong, both of my parents and I, for so many years? Only the divine inspiration of the Rebbe made me know the truth.

I told this story to Rav Yadgar of Taanah, Israel, who said to me: "Why are you so surprised by this? Like you, the same thing happened to me, and like you, it was the Rebbe who indicated that a mistake had been made."

Leader of the Generation
Moshiach of the Generation

Prepare To Greet Moshiach

Every Shliach must prepare himself and prepare all the Jews of his neighborhood, city, etc. to greet the righteous Moshiach [This is done] through explaining the concept of Moshiach, as discussed in Written and Oral Torah, in a way that each and every individual can relate to, according to his understanding. This especially includes studying [with him] topics in Torah which discuss Moshiach and redemption, in a way of wisdom comprehension, and knowledge.

Since this is the necessary service of the time, it is self understood that this is incumbent upon every single Jew without exception

(Kinus Hashluchim, Shabbos Chayeh Sarah 5752)

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