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No. 274
Parshat Toldos
Kislev 3, 5760 * November 12, 1999

Living with Moshiach

Rashi's commentary on this week's Torah portion describes Esauv as one who tricked his father into believing that he was careful to fulfill the commandments of G-d. The Lubavitcher Rebbe Melech HaMoshiach Shlita explains (Toldos 5750) that in essence this is the reason why this last and final exile is taking so long. There are two forms of evil in this world. 1) Revealed evil, and 2) hidden evil. Revealed evil is easily destroyed. When one sees with his own eyes that something is bad, he will understand that he must rid himself of it. On the other hand, hidden evil, as with the case of Esauv deceiving Yitzchok, is very hard to destroy.

In this final exile, unlike the previous ones, the evil that is found in this world is hidden. Thus, it is very hard to spot this evil in order to rid ourselves from it. This is why this exile is taking so long. However, once we will rid the world of this hidden evil, will we immediately be redeemed. Recently, the Rebbe MHM has told us that all that must be done to bring Moshiach, has already been fulfilled, and now the only thing left for us to do is to greet him. Therefore, we must beg of G-d to end this exile, and bring the redemption now.

Moshiach Facts

Once, when the Tzaddik Reb Menachem Mendel Horodoker was visiting Israel he heard the sound of the Shoffar blowing. When he asked what the commotion was all about, the reply was that someone was blowing the Shoffar on the top of the mountain, and is believed to be Moshiach. At once Reb Menachem Mendel opened the window of his room and took a sniff of the air. He then returned to his seat and said that he does not smell Moshiach in the air, and therefore the one blowing the Shoffar must not be Moshiach after all. It was then discovered that the a person who was "not completely there", rose to the top of the mountain and started to blow Shoffar.

Later, the Chassidim explained that the reason Reb Menachem Mendel had to open the window to smell if Moshiach was there, was due to the fact that in his room the aroma of Moshiach was constantly present. We are now holding in the generation of which the Rebbe proclaimed, is the last of exile and the first of the redemption. Therefore, we must definitely live with Moshiach, and in a manner that his aroma is found wherever we go.

Watching Over His Flock

Why Ask Me?

A chassid of the Sadigora Rebbe joined the line to receive a dollar from the Rebbe one Sunday.

He had been given an attractive offer to purchase a bakery, but was not sure what to do. He had difficulty contacting his own Rebbe and the owner of the bakery was pressing for an answer. When the chassid asked the Rebbe about the proposition, the Rebbe replied: "Why ask me? Ask a Rabbi from Cleveland."

The Sadigora chassid was bewildered at this strange reply, and left "770" puzzled and unsure of the course of action he should take. As it happened, he met an elderly couple on the way to his car and offered to give them a lift. In the course of conversation, the man introduced himself as a Rabbi from Cleveland.

The chassid immediately asked their advice regarding the purchase of the bakery. If this unusual turn of events seemed incredible, the chassid was further shocked to learn that the couple was related to the owners of the bakery.

"Since you asked," said the Rabbi's wife, "I'll tell you. The owner of the bakery is a decent fellow, but his business faltered because the workers are not trustworthy."

The Sadigora chassid had his answer. The contract of sale had included a clause requiring the purchaser to continue to employ the present staff. Needless to say, he did not purchase the bakery.

Adapted from Beis Moshiach Magazine

Leader of the Generation
Moshiach of the Generation

Apparently, Not Enough Has Been Done

Mr. Binyamin Netanyahu passed by the Rebbe when giving out dollars. The Rebbe received him with a smile and, while shaking his hand, said: I have not seen you for a long time...

Mr. Netanyahu said that he came to request the Rebbe's blessing.

The Rebbe: Since we have met last, many things have happened, but one thing that has remained the same is that Moshiach has not yet come. You must do things to hasten his coming.

Mr. Netanyahu: We are doing.

The Rebbe: But apparently, this is not enough, because a number of hours in this day have already gone by and he has still not come. Since there are still a few hours left, we can still try for today.

(Kislev 1, 5751)

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