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Rabbi Avrohom Richter

No. 276
Parshat Vayishlach
Kislev 17, 5760 * November 26, 1999

Living with Moshiach

This week's Torah portion names the leaders of the family of Esauv. The two leaders of the house of Edom were Magdiel, and Eerum. The exile in which we now find ourselves is called the exile of Edom. The reason being that the Romans who took us into exile after the destruction of the Holy Temple were descendants of Edom.

The Lubavitcher Rebbe Melech HaMoshiach Shlita explains (Vayishlach 5751) that this exile has been split into two stages. The first is the stage of Magdiel, which comes from the meaning (as the Medrash explains it) "Overpowering that of G-d." Thus, the first stage of exile will be one in which it will be extremely difficult to be an observant Jew, due to the oppression from the Nations of the world. The second stage is the stage of Eerum, which is explained in the Medrash to mean that "They will gather treasures for the King Moshiach". This is a time where the Nations of the world will not only stop oppressing the Jewish Nation, rather they will be helping them. This is the stage that we find ourselves in right now. At this time we are preparing for the imminent revelation of Moshiach, when the Nations of the world will accept the one and only G-d. May this take place immediately!

Moshiach Facts

It says in the Torah portion of Yisro (20,8) "Remember the day of Shabbos to sanctify it." Rashi comments on this to mean that if one comes across an extra special object, he should put it aside to enjoy on Shabbos. The Rebbe MHM explains that the same applies to the redemption. Even as we find ourselves in exile, we must constantly think of the time of redemption and prepare for it. For the redemption is compared to the Shabbos, as it is called "A day which is entirely Shabbos and peace."

(11 Sivan 5744)

Watching Over His Flock

The Main Thing Is The Resolutions

A young man who attends the Chabad of Brentwood, California, was recently in a very critical car accident. The doctors were sorry to inform the parents that the he was in a deep coma, and if he would ever come out, he would be paralyzed forever. Immediately a gathering was called for all the members of the Chabad house to join in prayer on his behalf.

Before the gathering a letter was written to the Rebbe asking for a Bracha in the merit of the good resolutions that they were to take upon themselves by the gathering. The letter was written in a rush and placed a vol. of Iggros Kodesh without looking at the page to see the answer.

Just before the gathering, forgetting about writing into the Rebbe before ,another letter was written and placed into the Iggros Kodesh. The Rebbe responded with a blessing that he is happy to hear about the gathering and the main thing is the resolutions! (Later it was discovered that the first letter was placed into the same Iggros Kodesh of another set and placed in the same page as this one).

The gathering took place for an entire hour, in which Tehilim was recited. And most importantly resolutions were taken in the merit of this young man, just as the Rebbe instructed.

The Chabad house was notified just a short while later that the young man opened his eyes. Not only that, but it happened at the precise time of the gathering in the Chabad house.

We are happy to inform our readers that Boruch Hashem now, this young man's health is almost completely regained. He is now walking and talking, expressing his thanks to the Rebbe for saving his life.

Leader of the Generation
Moshiach of the Generation

Everything Is Already Completed

Rabbi Sholom Yehuda Gross, the head of the Rabbinical court of Holmin, showed the Rebbe quotes form many Holy books that Moshiach was being held up because of lack of observance in the laws of ritual slaughter and other things.

The Rebbe: Nevertheless, it has already been ruled (in Talmud) that all appointed times for Moshiach's coming have already passed. Even according to the opinions in Talmud that there still need to be perfection in the observance in these laws or others, it is still true that everything is already completed and we must try to have Moshaich come already and not try to push him off until tomorrow.

Rabbi Gross smiled and the Rebbe said: There is nothing to laugh about. Moshiach should really come as soon as possible, immediately now.

(Adar 17, 5751)
(adapted from "And he will redeem us")

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