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No. 279
Parshat Vayigash
Tevet 8, 5760 * Dec. 17, 1999

Living with Moshiach

The Rambam in Hilchos Melachim (ch. 11) states, that one of the characteristics of Moshiach will be that he will be submerged in the learning of Torah. The Lubavitcher Rebbe Melech HaMoshiach Shlita explains (Vayigash 5750) by means of this week's Parsha, why Moshiach must have this characteristic.

This week's Torah portion relates that Yaakov sent his son Yehudah down to Egypt before he went himself. Our Sages teach us that Yehudah was sent to open a Yeshivah so that the twelve Tribes would immerse themselves in the learning of Torah. Yaakov saw with his Divine intuition that the Egyptians would try to destroy the spirituality of the Jewish people, by distracting them with worldly matters. The only way for them to preserve their spirituality was for them to devote themselves to the learning of Torah. For only when one is submerged in a certain concept is he really connected to it. Thus, by indulging in G-d's Torah, they would be able to remain connected to Him.

This is the reason why Moshiach has to be one who is submerged in Torah. For the power to redeem the Jews is given only to one who is not disturbed by the outside world. The only way to reach this level is if one is totally involved in learning the Torah. May we merit the revelation of the leader of our generation, one who is truly and completely involved in Torah and its ways - our Rebbe, immediately!

Moshiach Facts

It is explained in Midrash Mishlei (9b) that in the future to come all the Holidays will be nullified except for Purim. The explanation of this according to Chassidus is that the great revelation which is brought down on Yom Tov, will no longer be felt due the great revelation brought through the redemption. However, Purim is a holiday which emphasizes the devotion of the Jewish Nation to G-d until the extent of giving up their lives for Him. The revelation which is brought down by this holiday is so great that even in the time of the redemption it will be felt.

(Sefer HaMamorim 5626 pg. 34)

Watching Over His Flock

An Unhealthy Mezuzah (3)

(Continued from last week)

She immediately called the doctor and arranged an urgent appointment.

The doctor received them with a worried expression. Since they usually only saw each other in emergency situations, his first question was, "what's the matter, Reb dovid?" Reb Dovid asked the doctor to preform an examination on his heart.

"You know that a doctor doesn't do an examination for no reason. But I can see that something has happened. Tell me what's going on."

"The details don't matter. We are prepared to pay you for this examination. It's very important to us."

The doctor, knowing that Reb Dovid's condition was very serious and that the slightest excitement could bring on another heart attack, did not want to upset his patient. He therefore agreed to the request. He began to prepare Reb Dovid for the examination. He took two electric wires from the heart monitor and attached one end to a machine and the other to the patient's body.

Throughout the examination, Reb Dovid's wife stood there looking worried. She was very anxious about the results of the examination. She watched the EKG monitor and the doctor, who was staring at the screen in disbelief.

When he finished the examination, the doctor put the paper with the heart readings on the table. He then took out the results of the previous examination and compared the two. He was absolutely amazed to see such a drastic change for the better. He then took out Reb Dovid's whole file in order to examine the entire case. It was obvious to anyone that the results from this examination where noticeably much better. In fact, they were so different from the last five tests that the doctor thought that there was some type of mistake, and so he decided to examine Reb Dovid all over again.

When the doctor did the next test, he looked at the lines emerging on the paper in absolute astonishment

"I don't understand what's going on here!" he exclaimed. "all the readings that I did previously indicated that your heart was on the point of collapse, and that every extra day of life was a miracle. From the first examination I did today, I saw a complete and sudden change. At first, I thought that maybe I'd made a mistake and hadn't done it properly. So I did a second test, as you saw. This was exactly the same as the first one, and the results prove that your heart is completely healthy!

"Then I thought that maybe you had not been ill to begin with. So I looked at the previous results over and over again, and I came to the conclusion that something supernatural has occurred. I would like to have the explanation for this."

With great excitement, Reb dovid told the doctor the whole story, sparing no detail.

"Now I understand completely!" exclaimed the doctor "it was not a mistake in the examinations, or a broken machine. If the Lubavitcher Rebbe is involved, the answer is clear...".

Leader of the Generation
Moshiach of the Generation

Before My birthday

Rav Michael Kramer, once passed by the Rebbe and said:

I would like to bless the Rebbe in the name of all the members of the board of the National Committee for the Furtherance of Jewish Education, in honor of the Rebbe's birthday which is coming up before Pesach. G-d willing, we will double our activities in all areas in honor of the birthday.

The Rebbe: Perhaps you should bless me that Moshiach come before my birthday. Then there will not be any special trouble for my birthday, because Moshiach will arrange everything.

Rav Kramer: Moshiach should come.

The Rebbe: Before my birthday!

(Adar 17, 5751)
(adapted from "And he will redeem us")

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