The Rebbe As Moshiach
- Based On Torah Sources


Chassidim Proclaim To The Lubavitcher Rebbe:
"Long Live Our Master, Our Teacher, Our
Rebbe, King Moshiach Forever and Ever!"


- Newly Revised 4th Edition -


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The Rebbe Approves our Acceptance of Him As King Moshiach

[Picture: On the 12th of Adar 1, 5752 (January 16, 1992) the Rebbe received with great satisfaction, from Mrs. Chava Cohen, a tambourine with the words "Yechi Adoneinu, Moreinu V'Rabeinu, Melech HaMoshiach, L'Olam Va'ed"]

The Role of the Jewish Woman in Bringing the Redemption

The Rebbe emphasizes that, according to Torah sources, the generation of the final Redemption is a reincarnation of the generation that left Egypt. Jewish women in Egypt believed wholeheartedly in the words of the prophet, Moshe, that they would be redeemed. Even while experiencing the suffering of exile, they prepared tambourines with which to rejoice when they would leave Egypt.

The Rebbe acknowledged the same deep belief of Jewish women today in the coming of the Redemption. On Shabbat Parshas Beshalach, 5752/1992, the Rebbe said, "So, too, in the final Redemption, the righteous women must, and certainly do -- trust so completely in the immediate Redemption that they will begin immediately in the last moments of exile to play music and dance for the coming of the complete Redemption."

In response to this talk, on Motzoai Shabbat Parshat Tetzave, the 11th of Adar 1, 5752 (Sat. night, January 15, 1992), hundreds of Jewish women gathered in Brooklyn, New York, with tambourines and live music to dance and rejoice for the coming Redemption.

During the distribution of dollars the next day, the 12th of Adar 1, 5752 (January 16, 1992), a representative from this group, Mrs. Chava Cohen, gave the Rebbe a tambourine (with the words "Yechi Adoneinu, Moreinu V'Rabeinu, Melech HaMoshiach, L'Olam Va'ed" written on it) and said, "This is for the Rebbe, Shlita. With this tambourine the women danced yesterday with joy that breaks through all limitations. With a deep trust in the revelation of the Rebbe, Shlita, King Moshiach, immediately and actually to the complete Redemption."

The Rebbe answered with a radiant smile, "This [tambourine] you are most probably leaving with me." The Rebbe handed her a second dollar and, referring to psalm 150, said, "This is for the 'Tziltzilei Teruah' [Clanging Cymbals]. This is how they are referred to in Tehillim. Es Zoll Zein In A Gute Sha'ah [It should be in a good and auspicious hour]."

The time has come! The long-awaited promise to the Jewish people since creation is being fulfilled: The coming of Moshiach!

Moshiach and Redemption

The Leader of the Generation

A Prophet

Signs of the Redemption

Moshiach According to the Rambam

The Presumed Moshiach

The Definite Moshiach

The International Rabbinic Ruling on Moshiach

The Rebbe Told us That He is Moshiach

Moshiach Has Everlasting Life


The Rebbe Says That Our Generation Ushers in Everlasting Life

Moshiach Revealed and then Hidden

The Third of Tammuz

The Final Test

Accepting the Kingship of the Rebbe King Moshiach

The Rebbe's continuous Guidance in Our Lives Today

Lesson In Emunah


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