Get your own letter in a Sefer Torah!

Dear Children,

As you surely know, the holiest and most precious gift G-d gave the Jewish nation is the Torah, and for thousands of years we have constantly studied and lived by its laws. In fact, the Torah you see today is written exactly the same way the Torah was written the very first time by Moshe Rabbeinu (Moses).

Of course it is no easy task to write a Torah. It must be written by an expert, G-d fearing scribe, on parchment with a quill and ink. It takes months until it is finished, as each and every letter must be made perfectly.

Well, there is a very special Torah being written right now! By instruction of the Rebbe, a special Torah is being written by an expert scribe in the holy city of Jerusalem, especially for boys (under the age of 13) and girls (under the age of 12).

Unite with children all over the world who are taking part in this special Sefer Torah. This will bring blessings for you and for the whole Jewish people.

Have the scribe write a letter in the Torah just for you!

You will receive a beautiful, personalized certificate from Israel, the Holy Land, telling you in which portion of the Torah "your" letter has been written.

All you have to do is fill out the Registration form by yourself (if possible) and together with one U.S. dollar (or the equivalent in other currencies) send it directly to Israel.


1) Only one letter may be bought per child.

2) Use your own personal money for the one dollar (or its equivalent). If you cannot pay the full amount now you may pay it in installments.

3) Parents may buy letters for very young children, even for newborn babies.

4) In certain cases one may buy a letter for a child who cannot buy one on his own (for example: a relative living in a distant country).

For more names (brothers, sisters, etc.) you can fill out this information on a regular piece of paper and include it in the mailing.


Family Name:___________________ First & Middle Jewish Name:___________________

Mother's Jewish Name:________________ C/o (If applicable):_______________________


City:_____________________ State:______________ Zip:_________________________

Age: ________ Tel.: (_____)____________________ $1 Enclosed _____

Fill out the above form and mail it to:
Children's Sefer Torah,
POB 8, Kfar Chabad, 72915 Israel.
Tel.: (03) 960-7358

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